On 26th September 1951 the Ministry of Heavy Industry took decision to undertake the enterprise called: "Conduit and Valve Construction Plant in the Construction".

Early road works had begun on 16th May 1952 and launching had place as early as on 3rd September 1954. Start-up production was initiated. In the first year mechanical workshop output amounted to 1.5 tons of valves, at an employment level of 106 persons in the plant.

Initial production was started, but next objects: forging shop, foundry and piping works were at the stage of a project only. Initial design and investment plans assumed launching of four vital workshops: foundry, forging shop, mechanical workshop and piping works, along with auxiliary structures: pattern shop, woodwork shop, central laboratory, power facilities.

On 19th July 1957 forging shop was put into operation, and foundry - on 7th July 1958. In 1963 starting up of Piping Works took place and first stage of The Plant construction was finished. Starting up of production in a new founded Chemical Apparatuses Works occurred on 14th September 1966. One year later plant process start-up of the Stamping Works was brought about.

In 1970 construction and installation works for thermal-electric power station were concluded. In 1971 began construction works for the second mechanical workshop department, which was put into operation on 31st December 1974. Since 1975 proceeded construction of new workshops and rebuilding of foundry and piping works.

On 12th September 1991 the undertaking was transformed into company wholly owned by the State Treasury. On 31st December 1991, after registering in Commercial Court of Law in Kielce and recording into commercial register, CHEMAR S.A. obtained legal entity and commenced long lasting and difficult process of capital privatization.

On December 1993 the Company obtained Quality Assurance System Certificate in conformity to the requirements of ISO 9001/EN 29001 from TÜV - CERT from Berlin. This certificate ranked us among leading manufacturers in the country, equal to the western counterparts , meeting quality requirements, holding relevant rank and prestige among international companies.

On 25th October 2001 the Limited Liability Company Valves Works CHEMAR was registered.

Valve production

On September 1954 production of globe valves PN 40 was launched, having diameters DN 32, DN 40 and DN 50, intended for power units 25 and 50 MW, and then the range of valves was extended to sizes from DN 15 to DN 200.

In following years, production of globe and gate valves for working pressures of 11 MPa and 20 MPa at working temperatures 450 and 510°C was started up. In 1959 the Steam Test Station was put into operation, allowing to carry out valves testing at working conditions, i.e. 545°C and 16,2 MPa.

In the next years further development of valves production followed. Manufacturing of pressure reducing valves, water-gauge glasses and injection valves for pressure reducing and reducing-and-cooling stations commenced. Also production of electromechanical actuators, fitted to the manufactured valves, was started. The next achievement was launching of a production of wedge gate valves for oil drilling industry for pressures 16 MPa and 32 MPa.

In 1964 licence was bought from Bopp - Reuter for production of safety valves for power units 200 MW.

In 1968 a complex modernization of manufactured valves was carried out. In 70ies shut-off and control valves for power units 360 MW and 500 MW were designed. The new range of control valves with direct water injection and the range of electromechanical actuators type NWA-76 and NWA-78, meeting requirements of valve control systems used in power stations, were implemented. In 90ies production of electromechanical actuators type NWA 1 has begun, equipped with angular position transmitters with output signal 4 ÷ 20 mA and having in-built, hermetically tight multi-contact junction.

Expanding commercial offer, production of gate valves designed for oil and natural gas industry was started up. The gate valves meet requirements of API 600 and are manufactured in sizes 2" to 12" and classes 150, 300, 600, 900.

In 2005 production of valves PN160 has begun, and in 2006 there was built control valve for start-up and discharge stations, type ZRS, with perforated cage-type plug and direct injection of cooling water, subsequently made in 2007 in version with balanced plug.

Technical potential of Valves Works CHEMAR allows to start up production of steel and cast steel valves in accordance with special requirements, as agreed with the purchaser.

CHEMAR throughout above 50 years of its activity was and still remains the leading manufacturer and deliverer of equipment for majority of Polish power plants and thermal-electric power stations: Turów, Łaziska, Pątnów, Adamów, Jaworzno III, Ostrołęka, Rybnik, Opole, Kozienice, Dolna Odra, Bełchatów, Łagisza, Kraków Łęg, Siekierki, Połaniec, Poznań... and appliances for Polish refineries, sugar factories and chemical plants: Płock, Puławy, Tarnów, Gdańsk, Czechowice-Dziedzice, Trzebinia, Jasło, Jedlicze...

We are widely acknowledged as a reliable maker and tested partner, and due to it we are present since many years on the industrial map of the world (Germany, Netherland, France, Italy, Bulgaria, Denmark, India, Malaysia, Tunisia, countries of former Yugoslavia...)